This film is shot around the river banks of the amazing tropical river João Leite in central Brazil. The surroundings of the river are not only beautiful, they are also filled with different birds including hummingbirds and other species. Together with the crickets and the water running in the river, the birds form a spectacular sound experience in this video.

The forests located on the banks of rivers are essential for preserving water quality. In these areas, called riparian forest, or Permanent Preservation Areas (APP), the tree roots prevent landslides on the slopes, and the leaves accumulated in the soil work as a filter that protects the river from pesticides, fertilisers, and all kinds of dirt.

Ribeirão João Leite is the main source of water supply in the city of Goiânia, with its 1.5 million people. A few kilometres after entering the urban area, it flows into the Meia Ponte River, which in turn receives the city's sewage.