Live stream of conferences during Covid-19

While society is slowly re-opening again many companies are still challenged with their corporate communications and sales efforts, due to the covid-19 restrictions and precautions on conferences and tradeshows.

Because of that we are experiencing an increased demand for live stream solutions as companies migrate their conferences to platforms like Zoom, Skype, Youtube, Adobe connect etc.

One of the popular setups in demand right now is live stream trough a small video mixer, like the ATEM Mini from BlackMagicdesign in the picture below, that can be set up from your office, a hotel or even from home. The mixer is connected to one or more profesional cameras, profesional microphones and a computer with powerpoint and for instance intro images. The advantages of this setup is that you a sure to deliver a profesional looking image as well as professional sound. Another advantage is the facts that during the live stream we are operating the equipment, launching powerpoints and images etc. which is translated into peace of mind for the presenter, giving them the opportunity to concentrate 100 percent on the message.

Normally a conferences is recorded online as well as locally for posterior distribution to clients and other interested parties. The live stream setup we have is highly mobile and easy to deploy on any location, where there is a 4G or an internet connection.

Please reach out if we can help you with more information on how you can get your corporate event live and on line.

Live stream in Denmark
The ATEM Mini video mixer in action.
Live stream of a corporate event
Set up and ready for the presenter at a hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.